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Latest News
Latest News on Autism, PDD and People with Learning Disabilities

Blooming Kids Software Releases 29 New Educational Programs for Children with Special Needs

New software helps children with Autism, PDD and others who require early intervention.

Scarsdale , NY (BloomingKids) March 27, 2006 -- Blooming Kids Software (BloomingKids), a company that creates computer programs designed to teach children who have special needs, has created 29 new educational programs. Educational experts and parents of children with special needs have combined their knowledge to develop Blooming Kids Software.

BloomingKids is releasing the home edition of its interactive computer software to therapists, parents and caregivers for online purchase today. The company hopes to release its multi-user program in September 2006 .

"BloomingKids may specialize in creating software for children with special needs, but any child can benefit from learning the skills our new programs teach," said Pat Pathmakumar, spokesman for Blooming Kids Software. "The programs demonstrate many different skills, including memory enhancement and generalization of objects. Many of them also offer testing and reporting capabilities so parents can monitor the children's success."

The programs target developmentally challenged children with Autism, PDD (Pervasive Developmental Delay) and others who require early intervention. The programs include instructions for children who need help with listening, identifying, matching and auditory processing skills. Additionally, the software provides innovative techniques in the instruction of skills, such as memory enhancement, computer usage (mouse and keyboard training), fine motor development and increasing attention span.

BloomingKids' programmers can incorporate any personal pictures, voices or music into all 29 programs. BloomingKids will use them to construct a learning tool customized to meet any child or student's needs.

Many of the programs offer internal testing and reporting capabilities. All of the programs use colorful animations, pictures and music to help children to learn with enthusiasm and attention. Each exercise in the program rewards and encourages and every correct answer earns positive reinforcement.

"Compared to similar products, the software at BloomingKids is more effective and costs less," Pathmakumar said. "Parents and teachers who purchase our software can expect that these children will develop many different types of lifelong skills."

For more information, visit www.bloomingkids.com to view online demos of each program.

About Blooming Kids Software, LLC.
BloomingKids is a software company based in Scarsdale , New York . The company, founded in 2004, is specifically designed to facilitate learning for children diagnosed with learning disabilities, Autism and PDD. BloomingKids will customize any product in order to meet the learner's individual needs as identified by therapists, teachers and parents. The company's mission is to deliver the highest quality, most effective and affordable educational software. For more information, please visit www.bloomingkids.com .

Contact Information:
Blooming Kids Software, LLC.
36 Lincoln Road , Scarsdale , NY 1058
(914) 713-4440

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